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Choosing a college, applying, and deciding which classes to take when you get there can be complicated and confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Our Academic Consulting Services in the USA make challenging college-related tasks much easier. Virtual access makes scheduling a breeze. Let us tend to the areas we are experts in while you concentrate on your studies. Some of the many consulting services we offer include:

  • School Choice Guidance
  • Curriculum Advisory Services
  • University Admissions Consulting
  • Academic Program Evaluation

We also have areas of specialty such as:

  • Course scheduling each semester
  • Summer coursework application assistance
  • Credit transfer consulting at local colleges in and out of state
  • Appeal paperwork guidance
  • Change of major support
  • Assistance with college and graduate school applications
  • Assistance with resumes for internship or job placement

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Put our experience to work for you. We are passionate about offering the guidance, training, and consulting that propels you to success. From curriculum mapping in USA to study abroad consulting, we cover it all. The biggest question is – what do you need help with? Innovative Collegiate Consultants got the information you need and are committed to serving you. If we don’t already have your answer, we’ll find out. Your one-stop consulting is right here.

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