October 19, 2023 – Zoom Workshop
October 22, 2023 – College Fair Bus Trip

Orange County Convention Center
On October 19, Kristine Walsworth, Andrea Brooks, and Stacy Spencer conducted a Zoom meeting for attendees to discuss ways to get the most out of the trip and what questions to ask recruiters. On October 22, students and parents took a charter bus from the Lake County Sheriff’s South Lake district office to the Orange County Convention Center. Students met recruiters from over 170 colleges and universities.

Instructors: Kristine Walsworth, Andrea Brooks, Stacy Spencer


Orlando Health – South Lake Hospital
Community Foundation of South Lake
Meridith Nagel, P.A.
One Digital
Innovative Collegiate Consultants
LiveWell Foundation of South Lake
Automated Mechanical Services
Sunshine Book Co.

Car Max
SeaCoast Bank
Advent Health
Woodard & Curran
VS Consulting
Dahl Family Law Group
State Farm

Zoom Workshop
Number registered/capacity: 23/no limit

Bus Trip
Number registered/capacity: 20/50
Number of fee waivers: 10

How old are you?

What is your gender identity?

What is your race?

How did you hear about us?

Did you attend the Zoom meeting on October 19?

How many colleges did you visit at the event tonight?

Do you plan to attend college?

Would you recommend this event to others?

What other topics related to college would you be interested in attending in the future?

Instructor Feedback

Was this your first time instructing or presenting at a Thrive event?

Did you find the students engaging?

Would you be willing to return in the future?

Did you have enough time to present your material?

Do you have any suggestions for additional topics for our Adulting Program?

  • Job fair style event! To learn about new jobs that aren’t just owning a business
  • Goal setting & keeping the momentum
  • Mental health resources
  • Expand the Personal Finance offering to include understanding bank accounts, building credit, and credit cards and apps like Chime, Venmo, etc. Maybe
    create your personal budget option as well? Coordinate with SL Junior Women’s to get more Thrive kids to their How to College event.

Marketing Efforts

  • Educator Email list: Sent series flyers to 42 teachers/counselors/coaches/club advisors
    at SLHS, LMHS, ERHS, Lamplighter Academy, Monteverde Academy, Pinecrest Middle
    High School, Lake County Virtual School
  • Community Events/Presentations:
    o July 15 – Project Kid Connect
    o August 5 – Minneola Back to School Event
    o September 28 – How to College Event
    o October 3 – National Night Out
    o October 14 – Pig on the Pond
    o October 15 – Pig on the Pond
    o October 18 – Minneola Children’s Meeting
  • Youth Organization Outreach – Established fee waiver codes and transportation stipend program and shared 5-7 times with each contact via in-person meetings, email, texts, and Facebook and Instagram Messenger
    o TJ McCoy – Voltage Youth Group & Empowering Young People / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Otis Taylor – Give A Day Foundation & Champions Circle / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Evelisse Bookhout – Hands of Hope Across America / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Sarah Meyers – Eight Waves / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Melissa Roy – Love Groveland / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Trish Kry/ Sheila Jones – The Neighborhood Center of South Lake / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Carmen Martinez – HOLCA / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Scott Chevalier – Power House Youth / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Cheryl O’Rourke – Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida / 0 waivers redeemed
    o Bill Kuminka – NTC Aquatics Coach
    o Jessica Villegas – Hi-lite Coaching
    o Mandy Cooke – Take Stock in Children / 0 waivers redeemed
  • Community Flyer distribution
    o Cooper Memorial Library
    o New Beginnings Thrift Store
    o Green Mountain Pizza
    o Clermont Arts and Recreation Center
    o Cagan Crossing Library
    o Orlando Cat Café
    o Marion Baysinger Memorial Library
  • Facebook
    o Sheri FB Live
    o Set up Event pages for each of the four workshops and shared out with Board and Sponsors and Instructors
    o Created Static posts/carousel for each workshop. Posted on Facebook and
    Instagram one week out from workshop and purchased 7-day ad

Key Learning:

  • The advanced zoom was great. Having a representative from the fair added a higher quality to the zoom workshop. Plan again for next year.
  • Sheriff’s office was a good location for pickup and drop off. Be sure to add Sheriff’s office as in kind sponsor for next year.
  • Sandwiches worked great for the bus trip. Specifically apply for Publix gift cards as sponsorship next year.
  • Plan to arrive in time for the first workshop
  • Utilize indoor space for eating if needed