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What is Executive Functioning Coaching?

Scientifically speaking, the “executive functions” are higher-level cognitive processes responsible for decision-making and goal-directed behaviors. They originate in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which integrates information and facilitates complex problem-solving and self-regulation.

Based on the integration of psychology and neuroscience, Executive Functioning Coaching is a personalized intervention focused on enhancing essential cognitive skills like planning, organization, time management, and emotional regulation.

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Coaches work individually with clients, often those with ADHD or similar challenges, to develop strategies and tools tailored to their needs.

This coaching empowers individuals to:

  • Follow directions
  • Focus
  • Improving organizational tactics
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Control emotions
  • Improve self-regulation
  • Attain goals

Through targeted Executive Functioning lessons, students are more likely to succeed in various key areas they might otherwise struggle in.

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Study Strategy Coaching

Executive Functioning Tutoring is a dynamic approach aimed at empowering individuals with tailored techniques and tools to enhance their learning and academic performance. Some of our specific study strategies include:

  • Impulse Control Lessons
  • Memory Boosting Tutors
  • Improving Organizational Tactics
  • Time Management Tutoring in the US
  • Task Prioritization Lessons

How Our Process Works

Here’s how Innovative Collegiate Consultants works:

Assignment Process: After a free introductory meeting and careful consultation with both the student and parent, a success specialist (tutor) is assigned for the semester to each student.

Structured Weekly Schedule: The success specialist establishes a structured weekly schedule to ensure a successful routine. Sessions are convenient since they are virtual.

Time Management: Assistance is provided for effective time management to optimize study and learning schedules.

Organization Support: Guidance is offered for organizing daily and weekly course materials and tasks.

Accommodations Management: Assistance is available for managing accommodations, ensuring students receive the support they need

Paper Outlining: Support is provided for outlining papers and assignments.

Homework Brainstorming: Assistance is offered for brainstorming and tackling homework assignments effectively.

Exam Preparation: Guidance is given to prepare for exams and assessments successfully.

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