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What makes us different from other tutoring companies?2022-08-01T20:38:38+00:00

Our tutors have experience working with students with learning difficulties and strive to create a personalized tutoring program for each and every student.  Each tutor is personally hired by the owner to ensure the best tutors in the area, and are assigned to students and subjects in which they have the most expertise to suit individual needs.

How do I sign up for tutoring or college consultations?2022-08-01T21:07:45+00:00

Simply fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page with your contact information and the services of interest or by calling the number above to set up your free 1 hour tutoring consultation OR your free 30 minute College Admissions Essay writing consultation.

What is included in the free 1 hour tutoring consultation?2022-08-01T21:09:05+00:00

During this consultation, a survey of questions will be used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the student, in order to suggest the best possible schedule for the student and assigned tutor.

What do I receive if I sign up for services?2020-07-29T14:13:34+00:00

After a free 1 hour consultation, you will receive personalized quality tutoring on a weekly schedule in the required area of expertise.

What do I need to get started?2020-07-29T14:14:03+00:00

A computer with a web-camera and Zoom capability will be used for the initial consultation and online tutoring sessions.

How effective is online tutoring?2020-07-29T14:14:57+00:00

As more and more colleges are offering courses in a distance education format, students are becoming more comfortable learning and working in an online environment.  Zoom has tools such as a whiteboard, video and chat capabilities, and screen sharing, making it a great tool to use for online tutoring.

How many hours of tutoring are recommended?2020-07-29T14:15:12+00:00

After an initial consultation with Dr. Williams and the student, a personalized weekly plan will be suggested to the parent, including the number of hours recommended for tutoring each week.

How are our services being held during the Covid crisis?2020-07-24T13:25:41+00:00

Services are being held via Zoom including the initial consultation and tutoring sessions.

How does the billing process work?2020-07-29T14:17:03+00:00

After a personalized plan is agreed upon by the parent or student and Dr. Williams, weekly tutoring and subsequent billing will begin.  An invoice will be sent to the client monthly, and can be paid by check, PayPal, or credit card.  A credit card authorization form is also held on file.

What is included on the free 30-minute College Admissions Essay consultation?2022-08-01T21:10:39+00:00

During this consultation, the instructor will lead an initial discussion of student goals, review what the student has prepared and written (starting at the beginning of the process is fine!), and give an overview of the process and intended product(s) of the College Admissions Essay writing package.

What makes us different from other Collegiate Consultants?2022-08-01T21:11:47+00:00

Instructors utilize their knowledge and experience as professional educators to provide personalized consultation designed to highlight each student’s strengths and compatibility to chosen colleges and universities.

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