Judy Salley


A highly experienced professional with a diverse background in telecommunications, healthcare administration, and consulting. After a successful thirty-year career at Southern Bell, Judy retired in 1999. However, her unwavering passion for learning and personal development led her to pursue further education at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida.

At Valencia College, Judy focused on obtaining a degree in medical billing and coding. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she graduated with flying colors, earning a place on the esteemed Dean’s List. Equipped with her newfound expertise, Judy embarked on a fruitful twelve-year journey at Advent Health.

During her tenure at Advent Health, Judy showcased exceptional skills in administrative and billing tasks. Her keen attention to detail and commitment to accuracy became her trademark, allowing her to excel in her professional responsibilities. Judy’s ability to navigate complex healthcare systems and manage billing processes was highly regarded within the organization.

After twelve successful years at Advent Health, Judy decided to leverage her vast knowledge and experience by joining Innovative Collegiate Consultants, Inc. for the next phase of her professional journey. At ICC, Judy’s role focuses on administrative and billing tasks. Her expertise in healthcare administration combined with her penchant for efficiency, ensures smooth operations and optimal client satisfaction.

Throughout her entire career, Judy Salley has consistently displayed a remarkable work ethic, unwavering dedication, and a passion for continuous self-improvement. Her colleagues and supervisors have commended her for her exceptional skills, attention to detail, and ability to solve complex problems efficiently.

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