Keomakara Tan


A highly experienced and dedicated mathematics tutor, specializing in middle school to college level math. With a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s degree in mathematics, Keomakara Tan is equipped with a deep understanding of the subject matter.

With nearly a decade of tutoring experience, Keomakara has helped numerous students achieve their academic goals. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate studies, she also gained valuable experience as a supplemental instructional leader, apprentice, and grader.

Keomakara’s top priority is ensuring her students’ success in their math classes. She has a proven track record of assisting students in understanding math materials, concepts, and techniques. Moreover, she places great importance on teaching effective test-taking strategies, as she believes these skills are crucial to achieving academic excellence.

Thanks to her extensive experience, Keomakara has guided many students to excel in their math courses and develop a genuine enjoyment for the subject. With a patient and approachable teaching style, she creates a positive learning environment that fosters confidence and growth.

Keomakara Tan’s passion for mathematics and commitment to her students make her an exceptional tutor. Her vast experience, combined with her ability to adapt teaching methods to suit individual needs, sets her apart as an educator who consistently brings out the best in her students.

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