About Dr. Tara Williams

Dr. Tara Williams is the owner and founder of Innovative Collegiate Consultants, Incorporated. She earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Sussex in Falmer, United Kingdom.  Dr. Williams is currently a tenure track professor at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California, and has been teaching for the last thirteen years.  She has been working with students with disabilities across the US since 2010.

Benefits of working with you rather than the competitors

Experience Working with Students with Learning Difficulties – Students with learning difficulties will benefit from additional assistance honing their executive functioning skills in an online environment.

Virtual Services – Students either entering college, or enrolling in a distance education course for the first time may be looking for additional assistance with their preparation and coursework, at the most convenient time for the student.

Personalized Services – New students will receive a free 1 hour session with the founder, Dr. Tara Williams, in order to evaluate their academic strengths and weaknesses and to suggest the best possible personalized plan for the semester.

Tutors with Various Backgrounds – All of our success specialists have been hired based on their experience working with students on executive functioning skills or on their subject matter expertise.

Accolades and Accomplishments

  • Project Director for Title V Grant
  • Accreditation Team Member for Site Visit at San Jose City College
  • SEM Project Member for SEM Program: Supporting the Student Journey
  • Faculty Lead for ASCCC Mellon Grant – Rising Scholars Program
  • Co-Author of OER Textbooks for Chemistry
  • Organized Chemistry Talks at Canyon Country Campus
  • Team Member of Boykin Remodel Committee
  • Worked on Back to Campus for Hard to Convert Labs Taskforce
  • Provided Faculty Leadership on Schedule Builder Data Visualization
  • Participant in ACUE – Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Online Learning Environment
  • Participant in Courageous Leadership Series
  • Co-Lead for Orientations for Correspondence Education for Incarcerated Students
  • Co-Author of Handbook for Correspondence Education for Incarcerated Students
  • 1Worked with Office of Instruction and Student Services in Scheduling Courses for Detention Centers
  • Interim Chair of Water Systems Technology and Land Surveying
  • Mentee in the Mentorship Program
  • Completed Diversity and Inclusion at Work eCornell Course
  • Accreditation Team Member for Site Visit at Sierra College
  • Leading from the Middle (LFM) Team Member
  • Co-Lead for World Oceans Day at Sulphur Springs School District
  • LEAP Lead Team Member for Student Success Teams
  • Guided Pathways Liaison for Instruction
  • Speaker at FLEX workshop on Working with Rising Scholars Students
  • Speaker at Spring 2023 Convocation workshop on Enhancing Connections
  • Speaker at Spring 2023 FLEX workshop on Equity-Minded Practitioner Landscapes
  • Hosted The Rising Scholars Program Event
  • Breakout Discussion Leader at Spring 2022 Convocation on “Teaching in our Rising Scholars Program”
  • Breakout Discussion Leader at Spring 2021 Convocation on “Building Community in the Online Environment”
  • Presenter at Fall 2021 Convocation Panel on “Let’s Talk About Race”
  • Attended various conferences related to Non-Credit and Community Education, Guided Pathways, and Incarcerated Students
  • Co-Chair of Chemistry Department and Tenured Chemistry Instructor at College of the Canyons
  • Leadership in development of new programs and community needs in a pre-Covid and post-Covid academic environment
  • Leading faculty and staff in response to online learning and back to campus planning
  • Supervision and representation of the chemistry department in meetings and collaborations with other departments and offices
  • Collaboration with chemistry faculty, staff, and Office of Instruction in schedule planning and Guided Pathways framework
  • Collaboration with Student Services, Office of Instruction, and Education Based Incarceration Unit on scheduling for incarcerated students
  • Collaboration with Faculty Lead for the School of Personal and Professional Learning on handbook and trainings for faculty working with incarcerated students
  • Participated in video production for instructional student success videos for incarcerated students
  • Participated in Accreditation process for College of the Canyons
  • Worked with Office of Instruction on schedule planning and Program Review
  • Supervised and evaluated adjunct personnel in the Chemistry Department
  • Served on various institutional committees including Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence and College Planning Team

Completed Educational Programs

  • Teaching in the Rising Scholar Program
  • Carnegie Classification
  • Transitioning Our Teaching with New Lenses & Human Connections
  • The Student/Community Connections: Exploring & Expanding the Equity-Minded
  • Enhancing Connections and Coming Together in Kindness and Gratitude
  • The Rising Scholars Program: Inspirations, Reflections, and Taking Action
  • The Journey of Diversity: How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing
  • Supporting Students with Disabilities
  • Welcoming & Supporting Our LGBTQ+ Students
  • TLC Testing Center Exam Proctoring
  • Incarcerated Education Faculty Training
  • Professional Development Mentor Program
  • Rebuilding a Culture of Connection in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Rising Scholars: High Impact Practices for Teaching Justice-Involved Students

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