Executive Functioning Tutoring

After a free introductory meeting and careful consultation with both the student and parent, a success specialist (tutor) is assigned for the semester to each student.

  • Weekly schedule to ensure successful routine
  • Assistance in time-management, organization, daily and weekly course preparation
  • Assistance with management of accommodations, paper-outlining, homework brainstorming, and exam preparation

Subject Tutoring

While some students tend to use our success specialist tutors, some of the more specific subjects require a subject tutor in that area of expertise.

  • Tutors available for assistance with chemistry, foreign language, math, economics, etc.
  • Tutors hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in subject of expertise – majority Master’s degree or higher

Academic Consulting Services

We also offer assistance with academic consulting services each semester.

  • Course scheduling each semester
  • Summer coursework application and credit transfer at local colleges in and out of state
  • Appeal paperwork and change of major support
  • Assistance with college and graduate school applications
  • Assistance with resumes for internship or job placement

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